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Wash Thy Hands

5th of May. Five out of five! It's the International Hand Washing Day. I felt that SJMC may have gone overboard on this one.

There were posters and every wards had their own hand-washing advocate complete with a sash. I couldn't remember how many times I was asked to wash my hands today. I just did what I almost do, wash after every patients. My hands were smelling all sorts of chemicals at day's end ....

Night Train

To meet up with Anita and the boys in Gombak, I decided against driving there. I knew that Anita would be tired to drive on her own, and so I decided to take the LRT there.

It wasn't bad at the stations but getting to the station and walking away once I got off to my in-law's place was rather intimidating. For some reason, the stations were not blessed with ample lighting. Maybe to save on the cost.

One good thing about the trip was the good cellular coverage throughout the journey. And it was good to see that there were plenty of people using public transport late on a Sunday night as I did. It was definitely not that bad.

Too Many Smokers

After missing out on yesterday, I decided that I would drive my car into town straight after the ward round, enjoy a nice lunch and just chill for the afternoon. Anita and the boys would only be back later this evening, so I got some time for myself.

After a nice lunch, I took a walk across town wary of what looked like impending rain coming a bit later. I had to strategise. I picked a small space at a cafe, ordered my drinks and ten everybody around me started lighting up. It looked like I was at the smoking section. And they occupy the best seats. Those who prefer smoke-free environment would have to cope with the seats indoors with poor view, blasted with industrial strength air conditioning.

I thought on the whole, we non-smokers were given the worse deal. We had to put up with the worse seats, and huddled near screaming infants who normally occupy these areas. I didn't see any vapers around there though. Because that would be a other story to be told ....

So, I had to be content with the smoking. I was sure that my shirt would be smelling of tobacco for the rest of the day. At least I had a couple hours of down time. But not for long. I already had an admission waiting at the Emergency Room. Happy Sunday all.