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This is what should be the obligatory first post which I hope will over time sprout into a more expansive and useful site. I hope with building this site, it will help to improve delivery of patient care and create an understanding of common Haematological disorders amongst readers. It will hopefully form a hub for queries and a portal for information. However this value can only be built over time. The main forum will be hosted in English although we welcome entry in Malay. The Entry column is where the content will be first posted and will then be indexed into the either 'Topics' or 'Topik' threads depending on the language.

Information will be updated over time and we will try to respond to reader request as well should time permit. Information concerning how the Unit can be reached is attached in the 'Info' and 'About Us' column.  The Unit can be followed on Twitter on @haemummc. Dr Haris can also be followed on Twitter as @harisrahman.

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